First Article Inspection

Nel PreTech offers first article inspection services that help companies ensure their products are up to specific standards and to raise the level of overall quality control.

For companies in various industries, from military to aerospace, developing new products or getting items manufactured involves what’s called a “first article.” The term refers either to the very first part (or assembly of parts) to be manufactured, or to the first item to be produced by a specific contractor submitting a bid on manufacturing. In either case, the first article will need to meet specific standards and qualifications in order to satisfy the company — which is why it undergoes first article inspection. Nel PreTech Corporation has an A2LA-accredited 1,000-square-foot lab that’s able to perform most any dimensional inspection, including first article inspections.

How a First Article Inspection Works

When a company subcontracts its manufacturing processes, it supplies the contractor with drawings and specifications that dictate standards for the manufactured product. In a first article inspection from Nel PreTech, that first manufactured item gets checked against the drawings in every way. Experts evaluate dimensions, specifications and quality to make sure that the first article meets all the desired expectations in its manufacturing.

The Value of a First Article Inspection

For any company that deals with manufacturing, quality control is a huge issue — and quality starts right with the initial product creation. Nel PreTech provides first article inspection services that establish a baseline for all subsequent quality testing of a product by testing the very first article produced. Because this initial testing evaluates the actual dimensions of each measurement and checks every component against the drawings, it is a more accurate and thorough inspection. Companies find out upfront about any manufacturing flaws, issues with compliance and quality problems. As a result, first article inspections help to reduce manufacturing delays as well as overall costs of creating an item.

First Article Inspections from Nel PreTech

Representatives from the appropriate government department or independent testing facilities are the ones to conduct first article inspections, depending upon whether the manufacturer is making items for government or civilian use. All testing facilities undergo regular testing or accreditation in order to verify that their equipment meets all the appropriate standards. In the United States, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) provides accreditation to both civilian and military testing labs. Nel PreTech is an A2LA accredited dimension inspection laboratory. Contact us to learn more about our inspection services for first article manufactured parts.