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Can you handle the truth?

ASME is the leading international developer of codes and standards associated with the art, science, and practice of mechanical engineering (source). In more simpler terms, ASME is responsible for creating the design standards that allow Engineering Services and Metrology Firms like Nel Pretech know how to interpret the blueprint designs of products and parts. So one might ask, “how do these ASME codes and standards affect me?” Here is the short answer: they will guide you in your measurements and during the design process.

Engineering Services & Metrology firms challenge you to understand the benefits of using testing labs for measurement

Engineering Services & Metrology Firms like Nel Pretech are experts at interpreting and staying up to date with the codes and standards created by the ASME.

According to the ASME, the organization never sleeps when it comes to developing and revising codes and standards. Over 4,700 of the industry’s best and brightest volunteer their time and contribute their technical expertise to ensure the public’s safety. These codes and standards are ever changing too because ASME team is always working to develop the necessary standards that ultimately enhance safety while inspiring innovation.

While the ASME standards are meant to guide you in your measurement, that does not mean you can or should be conducting your own measurements. This is something that needs to be left to expert Engineering Services and Metrology firms, like Nel Pretech, who understand the ins and the outs of ASME Codes and Standards. So here is what we found the problem to be with conducting measurements internally. Outside laboratories cannot run the risk of not following the ASME Codes and Standards, whereas internal manufacturing companies may be more likely to turn a cheek to their own products or parts that may not be up to code. This sometimes becomes a source of conflict, nobody wants to get the bad news.

How Engineering Services Benefit You

For instance, let’s say you are a manufacturer and you make a product that you send to some outside engineering services testing lab to run tests and measurements following ASME Codes and Standards. The results come back, and the engineering services lab says that your parts are not good, the economic consequences of those tests could be catastrophic. But now lets use this same example and pretend that the measurements were kept-in house and the results came back negative, this usually creates bias within the company because the manufacturer does not want to incur the catastrophic economic effects.

So what is the lesson learned from this example? Designing and manufacturing parts is a core competency, ASME is a core competency, and they are meant to be kept separate. A manufacturer should never be trusted to conduct its own measurements, there is too much collusion. Next time you are thinking about measurement, wouldn’t you rather rely on a Third-Party laboratory that is unbiased and follows the ASME rules when you want the truth? We don’t want to be reading the news because something bad happened. So give Nel Pretech (your Engineering Services and Metrology Firm) a call when you manufacture your next part!