The Nel Pretech Story

We believe we are the best company that nobody has ever heard of…yet. Once our services are used, our customers realize how valuable we can be in assisting them with dimensional analysis issues. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best precision, reliability, and accuracy to our customers and strive to make products better by improving as as many parts and help as many people as we can. That is why we are happy to introduce The Nel Pretech Story, released each week to allow anyone and everyone to understand and learn about what we do and how we are helping others. The stories will range from interesting projects, to challenges we face each day, to funny clips, or even client feedback. We just want to provide the opportunity to connect with you and show you why we believe we can help you with any of your dimensional analysis needs.  And hey, you might not even realize it yet, but you may need our help! #LetsMeasureSomething

— Blake @ NPC