Why Choose Nel Pretech as your Engineering Services Provider?

Here at Nel Pretech, we understand that each engineering project is unique and presents its own individual challenges. Our staff of highly skilled and experienced individuals are as unique as the challenges offered by your engineering project. Our technicians aren’t just skilled technicians, they’re engineers, designers, physicists, and programmers. This makes Nel Pretech you’re go-to engineering services provider.

Meet The Staff:

What Types of Engineering Services Can our Staff of Uniquely Qualified Individuals Provide for You?

-Industrial CT Scanning: Our industrial CT specialists aren’t just tech’s, they’re physicists. They understand the science behind x-rays, how they behave, and how they interact with parts of different material types and densities. This gives them a unique perspective when it comes to obtaining the BEST scans possible and capturing part features that otherwise would not be picked up by an average scan. Because our CT specialists are highly qualified, they also understand statistical variability and data trends. This is key when performing the final data analysis. The same individual stays with the project from the start of the scan until the final data interrogation.

– Engineering: Nel Pretech’s mechanical engineers don’t just make measurements to your print. They understand the way your part works, how it was designed, the forces applied to it, and how it fits within the context of an assembly or gage. This gives us a unique advantage when it comes to measurement and the interpretation of data. This allows our engineers to supply the most useful data possible to our customers whether they are machinists, designers, or QC professionals.

-Design: Our designers are also metrologists. They understand 3D scanning and the uncertainties involved in data capture. This gives us the ability to obtain metrology grade scans where other scanning service providers cannot. This level of accuracy is crucial to providing high quality reverse-engineered CAD models and blueprints. Our designers are highly experienced and have provided services for many different industries. These industries include but are not limited to: medical, automotive, defense, and food packaging. You name it, we’ve done it!

-Programming: Although each one of our staff members has unique talents, we are all highly skilled CMM programmers. This is the common thread or baseline that runs through our entire organization. This gives us the flexibility that we need to ALWAYS have a CMM programmer available for standard first article inspections, gage r&r, or capability studies.

What’s the Final Piece of the Puzzle? What Else Makes Nel Pretech unique?

That’s easy! Nel Pretech is a small business. This allows for a high level of engagement with our customers and that enhances the collaborative experience. A level of trust is attained that just can’t be achieved by our larger corporate competitors. This puts our customers at ease and keeps them coming back time after time.