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Reverse engineering services, part digitization, and 3D modeling are three fundamentally linked processes. To be able to provide services in any one, you must excel at all three. If your goal is a usable CAD model or a 3D data set, Nel Pretech has the tools and expertise. Read on to learn how Nel Pretech has the capabilities to see this process through from start to finish.

Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse engineering services from Nel Pretech gives clients several beneficial options. These include: analysis of competitor parts, re-engineering or improved functionality of their own products, replacement of tooling that otherwise cannot be reproduced, or obtaining base-model geometry for design purposes. This geometry can be used to create new blueprints or CAD designs similar to the original object.

To understand the advantage of reverse engineering services, it helps to know what benefits can be obtained from this process compared with part digitization alone. For example, part digitization, while very useful, could be limited to partial data or rough data displayed as a point cloud. While this data is useful for inspection purposes, parametric modeling provides information relevant to the original design intent of the part. This includes  a solid CAD model or even blueprints. Furthermore, the model can show a product with imperfections removed and/or a full feature design tree. Models can be provided in a .stp, .iges,  or native CAD format and it can be manipulated within CAD software such as Solidworks, Pro-E, IDEAS, AutoCAD, and others. Consult with our reverse-engineering staff lo learn more about these capabilities and how they can be applied.

Part Digitization/Color Mapping

Our part digitization process is based on the capabilities of scanning CMM’s, scanning vision systems, computed tomography (CT scanning), lasers, blue light scanners, and other tools. This gives Nel Pretech the ability to produce highly accurate and repeatable measurements. The ability to collect this detailed information allows us to generate detailed digitization used for reverse engineering, 3-D modeling, traditional dimensional inspections, and part-to-CAD analysis. It’s this capability that is the cornerstone of our reverse engineering and 3-D modeling services.

Color mapping allows information taken from industrial CT, structured light, or other digital scans to be compared to a nominal CAD model. Comparisons can also be made to other existing part data sets. Nel Pretech gives you the option of user-definable color patterns for easy analysis of surface variations. Another useful feature of color mapping is the ability to use cross-sections to obtain wall thickness measurements.

3-D Modeling

3D modeling, reverse engineering service, CAD, CAD modeling, parametric, parametric model, CAD service, product replicationThe goal of digitization and reverse engineering services is to provide the customer with a usable 3-D model, which can be an exact replica of any given physical part or a parametric model with imperfections such as warp, flash, and sinks removed. This process is used for a wide range of applications – from prototyping to reproducing and scaling artwork. For example, point cloud data, when observed with highly specialized software, can be used to create rapid NURBS surface wraps. The end result is a 3-D model usable for observation, preservation, or improvement. 3-D scans can also be used to create a parametric model. This is ideal for complex parts or parts that need to be recreated in traditional CAD software for the purpose of producing a base-model design.

Nel Pretech is distinguished in this industry because of our skilled team, our access to the most cutting-edge equipment and software available, our commitment to accuracy, and exceeding customer expectations. We are eager to hear about your project and to explain our part digitization, reverse engineering, and 3-D modeling services, so contact us today.