Large Part Inspection

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Nel Pretech specializes in projects that other inspection labs cannot.       blank box

This transmission housing (pictured right) weighs over 2000 lbs. The project called for several hundred of these large parts to be inspected. Overcoming size and weight challenges for successful first article inspections is a capability that Nel Pretech Corporation takes great pride in. After passing quality inspection, these parts were incorporated into powerful machines that move material in some of the world’s most challenging deep mining operations.

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Nel Pretech has achieved large part inspection capabilities without sacrificing accuracy.

In industries such as aerospace, marine, automotive, manufacturing, and construction, maintaining accurate and repeatable dimensions on large scale parts is essential to maintaining quality. Inspection processes for these types of parts can be time consuming and difficult due to size, unusual shape or weight challenges. NPC is prepared to meet these types of challenges with the traditional, large style Brown & Sharpe Xcel coordinate measuring machine (pictured left) or the fully portable Romer arm CMM. The portable Romer arm has touch probe as well as laser scanning capabilities and has a measuring range of 8.2 feet.

large part inspection
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