CMM Inspection Services

Manufacturing relies on the ability to obtain accurate measurements — for replications, reverse engineering, and more. One option for collecting consistent and thorough data is CMM inspection services. It’s a powerful technology that provides the user with three-dimensional measurements of a given object, whether it’s a small component or a piece of machinery as large as a vehicle. Those measurements, in turn, are used to replicate and improve existing objects. Nel Pretech has the technology and the expertise to provide cutting-edge CMM services. Read on to learn more about CMM inspection services and what Nel Pretech can do for your business.

What is the CMM Process?

The end result of the CMM process is a better understanding of the geometrical features of the object being examined. Here is how it works: The CMM uses an attached probe to take measurements along the three X, Y and Z axes — after which those recorded coordinates can be used to virtually replicate the entire object based on its geometrical characteristics. The ability to obtain this type of data is invaluable for manufacturers and engineers, as it does not require the same level of invasive examination that is typically required in 2-D layout projects. This data allows you to replicate and improve based on coordinate data.

Large-Scale CMM Inspection Services

Nel Pretech CMM inspection services are not limited to small objects. In fact, we operate equipment capable of taking large-scale measurements for a comprehensive look at objects, heavy machinery, and equipment. Our CMM inspection services help customers map out and get a full picture of large objects by using equipment built specifically for large-scale metrology.

CMM Inspection Services

Our CMM inspection services are carried out in the best possible environment to ensure both speed and accuracy. Nel Pretech’s comprehensive inspections help customers ensure that products are up to specific standards. Following an inspection, we generate a thorough inspection report. The report includes deviation analysis as a means for comparison to CAD data. Our inspection services include dimensional inspections for first articles as well as useful statistical evaluations and analysis of the data itself.

The Benefits of Doing Business with Nel Pretech

Nel Pretech has earned a reputation for highly accurate CMM services. We use only the best available equipment and rely on the expertise of a well-trained staff. In addition to CMM services, we offer a range of inspection, and reverse-engineering services. Our team is reliable, fast, and our services are highly competitive in cost. We are happy to discuss your project and provide any guidance as it relates to our CMM inspection services. Contact us today to learn more about the metrology and dimensional inspection services we can provide for you.