CT Scanning is the way of the future

When was the last time you considered using CT Scanning? Did you know that it is a widely accepted and encouraged practice in the manufacturing industry?

When you hear the words CT Scanning (Computed Tomography for long), what is the first thing that comes to mind? Likely, you think of the technology widely known for its medical use. But CT is also a powerful industrial tool used to examine internal components. CT forces X-rays through objects in order to create data sets, and why is this important? Because CT Scanning can give you the inner details of your parts without having to dissemble the part.

CT Scanning

CT Scan from Metrotom 800 of part captured on CAD software

A picture is truly worth a thousand words when it comes to CT Scanning. CT allows Nel Pretech to capture the entire geometry of your part, rather than just recording discrete measurements. Then, we can display all of the data that were just captured immediately, so you can make decisions immediately, right after an hours worth of scanning. At Nel Pretech, we are changing the value proposition for CT Scanning, we understand that you have worked very hard to manufacture your part and you are excited about getting that to market. Now we are talking in HOURS to get it to market now, not weeks.

So what is the takeaway from this? You produce physical parts in a physical worlds, and a machine can only travel so fast to take all of the necessary measurements. When you use Nel Pretech to execute and automate the measurement of your part with CT Scanning, using digital data, it only takes a matter of seconds. Nel Pretech’s CT scanning is an excellent tool for helping customers detect part flaws, determine the cause of a product failure, reassemble an item, or reverse-engineer a part and is truly the way of the future