CT Scanning Services & Assembly Defect

Industrial CT Scanning Services

Industrial CT Scanning stands for Computed Tomography, which allows Nel Pretech access to the inner details of products or parts without requiring disassembly and identify assembly defect. We recently published an article on how we foresee CT Scanning being the way of the future. Industrial CT Scanning services are changing the way manufacturers are doing business as Nel Pretech is flipping the value proposition for CT Scanning on its head. It is our goal to educate the public that this is a widely accepted and encouraged practice in the manufacturing industry. Over the next couple of weeks we are sharing with you real examples of the benefits of CT Scanning for our clients. The articles will include examples of the following:

  • Assembly Defect
  • Part Flaw
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering

CT Scanning & Assembly Defect

More often than not, our customers’ products are manufactured by molding together 2 halves of a given part. In this specific example, our client went to go assemble the two parts in one in the factory, they quickly realized that the parts were not mating together as they should be in assembly. The client contacted Nel Pretech and we scanned each half of the part individually, as you can see both halves pictured.

CT Scanning Part

Client Part 1A

CT Scanning Part

Client Part 1B







Our solution, your guessed it, CT Scanning! What we were able to do with the two halves was take a datum structure from the print and use the common datums between the two parts on how they should actually mate. This allowed us to digitally overlay the two halves and mate them together as they ideally should according to the datums.

CT Scanning Digital Overlay

Using CT Scanning to digitally overlay parts 1A & 1B

This is a great example of the strength of CT Scanning and what it can bring you. As we slice down the object, you can see where the two surfaces are interfering with each other when we digitally overlay them according to the datum structure.  CT Scanning allows us slice through the part and digitally see how the two parts would actually interact with each other if they had ideal datums without ever contacting the part.

Assembly defect revealed via CT Scanning

Assembly defect revealed via CT Scanning