Accreditation Through the Eyes of Our President

What it means to be an A2LA Accredited Lab

A2LA is arguably the United States’ most widely recognized registration body for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025. The reason for their prestige goes beyond the fact they have been around longer or their marketing success. The organization provides some of the most capable auditors and stringent requirements for dimensional inspection labs. We our proud to say, our firm, is an A2LA (ISO/IEC 17025) accredited dimensional inspection laboratory, providing dimensional inspection services on most first article manufactured parts. While this is not a wholehearted endorsement of A2LA accreditation, I have experienced other registrars first hand and found significant differences in competency. The high standards imposed by A2LA accreditation (while sometimes challenging to comply with) align with the values at Nel Pretech Corporation. In fact, NPC will go beyond the requirements of the auditor or the quality standard. For example, many times we will generate comparative studies between different equipment types for feature specific measurement. We do this to better understand the benefits and limitations of certain methods to improve our dimensional inspection practices. A2LA Accreditation for dimensional inspection laboraties

Why is A2LA accreditation important for dimensional inspection labs?

It is important to be able to rely on the high standards that both labs and registration bodies maintain. For a dimensional inspection services laboratory, this assures results are defensible to a recognized standard. We take pride in this accreditation because we want to continue to deliver superior services. Our hope is that this accreditation will inspire our client’s confidence in our dimensional inspection services.
Here is something we hope that you consider. A thorough evaluation of both the lab and the registrar should be top priority for any manufacturer seeking outside services. We hold our company to the highest standard, and when it comes to dimensional inspection services, we hope you do too!
Author: Dave Nelson | President | Nel Pretech Corporation